recruiting workshop for women in network marketing

The Goal

Most people are looking for freedom in their life – freedom from a job, freedom from their boss, freedom to stay home with their kids, freedom to travel and retire in style. The American dream is not to spend your life working for someone else and help them accomplish their dreams. The American dream is freedom – financial freedom and time-freedom, with time and the resources to do the things you really want to do in life with the ones you love.

The Problem

Millions of people have discovered a way to take their lives back and start living the life they always imagined. How? Through a network marketing home business, of course! Having your own business with no boss, no commute, no employees, no overhead from running a brick and mortar business and very low operating expenses. Sounds ideal, right? Well, not exactly. So what’s the problem? The problem most network marketing professionals face is not having enough of the right people to talk to. Until recently your options have been to talk to friends and family, purchase leads, and…well, it kind of stops there and herein lies the problem. How do you find enough of the right, like minded, people to talk to? Where do you get enough quality leads? How do you generate high quality leads? This challenge can become a job in itself.

Why Inspiration, Motivation and Desire is Not Enough

Don’t we all want to create sufficient financial freedom to live the lifestyle we really want? You can have all the inspiration, motivation and desire in the world. You can have all the pieces of the puzzle; all the information, knowledge of your compensation plan inside and out, all the 411 on your products or services but that still won’t necessarily make you successful in your network marketing business. Without the proper guidance, system and tools you are still missing key elements to making it to the top in this industry. This is where Jackie comes in. She will show you how to combine what you already know with what she will teach you, so you can become unstoppable!

The Solution

Jackie provides solutions for the most critical issues and problems that you face in network marketing. She encourages, inspires, motivates, teaches, trains and shares the greatest secrets to being successful in network marketing. The industry is changing and successful leaders will need to change with it. The network marketing business is not what it used to be 20 years ago or even 5 years ago. People are dying to know how to combine the incredible industry of network marketing and the ever evolving platform of social media. Jackie is a network marketing industry leader and has built two extremely successful network marketing businesses online over the last 9 years. She will teach you exactly what she did so you can have incredible success too! Do not miss out on the incredible future of network marketing leveraging social media. Finally, someone that gets the whole picture.