Why do I love to use social media for network marketing? Because it is fun, easy, and profitable! All of the social media platforms are good – Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Twitter, Instagram. I especially love Facebook for marketing because you can generate interest (views, likes, comments, shares) on your subject of choice. In this article I am going to explain how to use Facebook marketing to expand your networking business worldwide.


Choose Your Goal and Pick a Topic

Want to attract people to your business? Then why not use Facebook to post about topics that a lot of people are interested in. How about topics like freedom, travel, entrepreneurship or working from home? If you want to attract customers to your health and wellness network marketing business for example, or you want to attract other business builders to your team in this way, then why not post about healthy topics? How about topics like the importance of supplementing, the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, or maybe posting healthy diet tips?


Increase Engagement – Use a Photo!

There is plenty of data to show the importance of using images for social media, especially Facebook marketing. Statistics show that using a photo with your social media post increases your viewership and engagement. On Facebook, posts with images generate 100 percent more engagement than text-only posts. Choose a photo that compliments your post. There are plenty of free images available on the internet for you to use, and some even have the very message on the photo that you would like to convey. Why not save some time and effort and post that image? Bs sure to use your social media manners and give credit to the author of the image you are sharing if at all possible. Most images don’t have the author or photographer’s name on them, so in this case don’t worry about it. Just give credit where credit is due.

Help, Someone Commented on My Post!

The purpose of your social media post is to create interest and engagement. When you notice that someone has reacted to your post, that is the right time to respond and start a conversation. I want to emphasize this point; because many people skip this part. You want to use the person’s comment, “like”, or share to begin an online conversation. Note – do not let your social media conversation be a substitute for a real conversation.

So how do you do this? First of all, you want to “like” their comment by clicking on the like icon or other creative icon responses. This response shows them that you have seen their comment and, well, like it! While you are on their page, be sure to go to their timeline and like, and/or comment on one of their posts too. Reciprocation is a good thing – it increases the likelihood of them visiting your page again, or liking/commenting on your future posts as they show up in their news feed.

But What do I Say?

Another thing you could do is send them a private message thanking them for liking or commenting on your post. You may not want to do this the very first time they respond to one of your posts as all of the above mentioned activity might be enough for the first time. Sending someone a private message allows you an opportunity to engage them in a private conversation using the Facebook Messenger function and is a great way to get to know a new Facebook friend. If you do this right (and enough), you will acquire many new Facebook friends that you do not yet know. You can attract many new people by posting interesting and positive posts. The more friends you have on Facebook, the greater your data base for potential business.

What Next?

Should the initial Facebook messaging go well, why not invite the person to connect with you on Facebook video real time, or invite them to pick up the phone and call you, or offer to call them just to say hello and make a new friend. Keep in mind that the best way to use social media is to make connections. Do not replace your phone conversations with social media messaging. There’s nothing like a real conversation with someone, where you can actually hear their voice and they can hear yours.


Remember, Facebook marketing is “Social” media marketing, so be social and have fun! Here’s to your social media networking success.